The BEST Weekend Ever

On Friday our good friends the Yuneses came to stay for the weekend.

So they got here on Friday and we went to Friday night fellowship at Seed of Abraham. it was super fun.

After fellowship, We went turtle watching on the beach we walked about two miles then all of a sudden we saw a turtle coming out of the water, it was so cool, and the Yunes’s had never seen a turtle laying before so it was super cool.

We waited until she came out of the water then we slowly crept behind her so she wouldn’t see us though we tried to keep really quiet.

We waited about an hour then she finally started laying after digging her hole and everything it was so fun to watch.

The next day was Saturday so we just hung out and played cards then finally we went to the beach which was also fun and exhausting.

Then we all went to the park and took selfies and played frisbee. It was so much fun!!!!

the next morning we all went to church we took spencers truck and the Benz I gt ride in the truck on the way there with Maggie and then sunny and Allie rode back.

Faithful Promise Tucker 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 P)


The World Of Homeschoolers You Didn’t Know

a lot of people presume that homeschoolers don’t get the opportunity to go to school dances and games or even play a sport on a team. well, they’re all wrong.

Homeschoolers in the state of Florida get to try out at a local high school for almost anything but academic classes, like high school band, cheerleading, soccer, volleyball, football, and much more.

Some county’s in Florida have co-op’s and homeschool park days and stuff like that. In Brevard County, we have a number of co-op’s and homeschool groups, one of the groups provide school dances so we as homeschoolers can have our share of fun too.



Devastation to Puerto Rico

We all know that hurricane Irma and maria hit Puerto Rico very badly and everyone is devastated by the outcome. But what people oversee is that the people there are starving and need help.

But what people oversee is that the people there are starving and need help and the US can help them so why don’t we get off our high horses and help Puerto Rico.

At the church that I go to, we are sending boxes of goods and clothes and other stuff over there and so is the red cross foundation and other churches around Florida. you can help too u just have to put your mind to it.

after hurricane Irma, a total of 4.4 million homes and businesses lost water and power in Florida alone. that is about 9 million people just in Florida just think about the people that have lost everything on one little tiny island of paradise and are still waiting for help.

So I encourage you to please stand up for what we as Americans belive and help our little island that is Puerto Rico.

please watch PBS NEWSHOUR










Future Life Career

This post is about how my future life like my career. Enjoy 🙂

So since I am now getting older I have to start thinking about what I want to do in life and though I have been good at cooking in the last few years I have been reconsidering that.

The reason why is because people have been asking me what I want to be when I grow up. But i like the way Logan LaPlante put it. I will include the vid at the end 😉 🙂 😉 🙂

I usually say I want to go to the CIA. some people know what I mean and some don’t and they ask “really”.

When I explain that meant the Culinary Institute of America they get it and say that should rethink that because I’m going to have to work holidays and it will take time away from family.

so with that, i will say i want to either be an architect or a pastry chef.but no matter what i always want to be happy!!! :):):):):):):):):) Please watch this Ted Talk

Please watch this Ted Talk. it is really inspiring 🙂 And God bless.